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Welcome to the Teacher Resource Page for Music FUNdations. You are a pioneer in a new movement for music education — one that builds better people while we build better musicians.This page is meant to provide you with the additional resources you need. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as we continue to add new resources and support materials.

Latest News

September 15th – New Versions Available

We split the book (and the cost) in two.

What’s better than ONE Music Fundations book? THREE!!! We’ve split the book (and the cost) in TWO! Now there is a book for everyone!

Music FUNdations will soon come in THREE varieties;

· Book A (black & white – 48 pages – $9.99)

· Book B (black & white – 64 pages – $12.99)

· Complete Deluxe (full-color – 108 pages– $19.99)

We want to do whatever it takes to get these incredible resources into the hands of as many students as possible. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has never been more important, and now nothing will stand in the way of you having it.

We LOVE that Music FUNdations is double the size of other method books and is designed to last for up to two years. We heard that some schools need a smaller, more affordable version. SO WE CREATED IT!

Whether you are looking for a one-year, low-cost version or the deluxe two-year curricula, WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

March 25th — Music FUNdations for Strings is released
The incredibly popular book for band is now available for its string counterpart. Created in the mirror image to the band book in just seven short months, this book aligns identically with the string book so you can do it as a music department curricula. The rich characters and complex drawings bring the lessons to life alongside complex and layered musical exercises. This is the book that will change your string program forever! Order now

March 7th – Music FUNdations for Band is now available on SmartMusic
Any educator or student who has a SmartMusic license can access the musical content for Music FUNdations via their portal. Having the content available of SmartMusic helps to further our reach and provide greater value to the students and teachers we serve.

March 7th – Music FUNdations for Strings book is completed
After months of writing, editing and designing, Music FUNdations for Strings is done. The book has been sent to the printer and will be available soon. Keep checking back for more information and an official release date!

September 20th – First print run sells out just as the second print comes into stock
The demand for the book far exceeded what we had originally thought and we were concerned that we would be unable to fulfill orders, but as luck (and some planning) would have it, our second print run arrived in stock the day after two of our editions (Bb and Eb) had sold out. We are now fully stocked and staffed and are ready to handle your orders.

September 18th – We are Live on Google Play
Music FUNdations is now live on the Google Play/Chromebook platform. Whether you are a one-to-one school or just teaching remotely, Music FUNdations and your Apple device makes for the perfect pairing for student success. This completes our e-book solution suite. We hope you are enjoying our latest offering.

September 10th – We are Live on Apple Books
Music FUNdations is now live on the Apple Books platform. Whether you are a one-to-one school or just teaching remotely, Music FUNdations and your Apple device makes for the perfect pairing for student success.  If you are looking for Chromebook solution, that should be ready in the coming days.

Play Along Tracks

You can have individual students play along or your entire class. Each excerpt starts with a one measure click track and voices all of the ensemble instruments.

PDF Downloads

These PDFs will allow you to copy and reproduce some of our most popular activities. This not only allows for multiple uses, but keeps students from having to tear out pages of the workbook to submit their materials. These pages are intended for those teachers who have already purchased classroom sets and are provided for your convenience. Photocopying any other elements of the book is illegal.

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